We will be offering 2 options for Summer 2018

June 22-Aug 3 Acro Tumble, Hoops, and Stunts    6 weeks
Honokaa Hongwanji- In Honoka’a we will be offering a six week acrobatics, tumble, hoops and stunts classes with Kalena Zindric. We will have two classes, ages 4-6 from 3-4pm and ages 7 to adult 4-5:30pm. These classes meet on Fridays at the Honoka’a Hongwanji. To register click here:
*No class July 20

July 30-Aug 3    Dance Camp   1 week
Waimea Kahilu Theatre-  We will be running a week long camp through the Kahilu Theatre from 10am-3pm. This is for ages 7-17 for dancers of all levels. It will be a mix plate of the dance classes we offer during the regular school year. Hip Hop, Ballet, Trapeze, Aerial Silks, Tumbling, Musical Theatre and more. This is a great way to get moving and also to try out a new class. Registration is through the theatre. Click here to register:

The classes below are our regular Fall and Spring Classes

Theatre Classes

Acting Technique & Improv

The Acting Technique & Improv class focuses on acting techniques, scene study, and acting for the camera. This class also features improvisation, comedy, and writing in the curriculum.

Ages 10–adult


In Glee, students learn how to sing lead and background vocals using popular music by contemporary artists. The class focuses on techniques to improve and strengthen student’s singing voices, as well as some necessary music skills that every singer needs. This course also touches on stage presence, choral choreography, and vocal percussion in the curriculum.

Ages 10–adult

Musical Theatre: Dance and Drama 1

The Musical Theatre, Dance, and Drama class teaches the Broadway skills of dancing, acting, and performance. Students learn how to open up and speak out as they are given games and exercises to encourage stage presence and creativity. Musical theatre movement is pulled from a multitude of genres, from salsa and partnering to classic jazz and Fosse, and students learn it all; keeping performance, expression, and storytelling as the motivation behind every class.

Ages 7–10

Musical Theatre: Dance and Drama 2

Similar to Musical Theatre, Dance and Drama 1, this class empowers teens to move and connect with audiences through speaking and dancing. It takes time and practice to connect one’s expression on stage to the way they move. This class focuses on developing techniques to ensure students feel confident and connected as they perform. This class includes games, exercises, and dance education for teens interested in musical theatre.

Ages 11–19

Circus Classes

Acro Tumble, Hoops & Stunts

Gymnastics floor tumbling, partner and group acrobatic stunts intertwined with creative hula hoop skills and formations. A physically engaging class that utilizes the body to express flowing rhythms and striking patterns of appeal. Increase strength, flexibility, and agility while engaging an array or creative cirque skills. Although the class is divided by ages exceptions are made due to students skill level and learning capacities.

Ages 4–5, 6–8, 9–adult

Aerial Silks/Acrobatics 1, 2

Aerial Silks is a beautiful, creative, and challenging art form that builds unparalleled upper body and core strength, kinesthetic awareness, coordination, and confidence. Beginners learn basic acrobatic floor skills that translate to skills on the fabric, including forward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. On the silks, students learn basic climbs, foot-locks, hip keys, and sequences starting low to the ground. After students establish proficiency on the silks, they move higher and higher on the aerial fabric.

Ages 6–18

Aerial Silks/Acrobatics 3

Intermediate and advanced students improve their basic floor skills that translate to skills on the fabric including forward and backward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. On the silks, students expand their repertoire with creative climbs, foot-locks, hip keys, drops, and sequences starting low to the ground.

Ages 6–18

Dance Classes

Ballet 1

Ballet 1 introduces young students to the magical world of classical dance. Moving at a comfortable pace for young dancers this class covers basic ballet positions of the lower and upper body, flexibility and stretching exercises, musicality, and simple ballet steps—stationary and crossing the floor.

Note: It is recommended to pair Ballet 1 with Contemporary 2

Ages 5–8

Ballet 2, 3

Ballet 2 and 3 focus on alignment, posture, and classical ballet steps. They provide an excellent work out in a fun, relaxed environment that begins at the barre, then moves across the floor, and finishes with center work.

Note: Ballet 2 and 3 are required classes for enrollment in Contemporary 3 or 4

Ballet 2: Ages 9–13  |  Ballet 3: 14–Adult

Break Dancing

This class covers the basics of Break Dancing. Coordination, acrobatic moves, style, and basic freezes to advanced holds are all taught to students in a positive and supportive environment to help them advance to the next level.

Ages 7–adult 

Contemporary 1

The Contemporary 1 class is a stimulating and exploratory dance class that introduces classical and modern dance concepts to students. These classes move through a warm-up of technique and body concepts, across the floor exercises, and dance games.

Ages 5–8

Contemporary 2

The Contemporary 2 class is the next level in the natural progression of the contemporary dance classes. This class uses ballet, jazz and modern techniques in the warm-up, across the floor exercises, choreography, and dance games.

Ages 5–8

Contemporary 3

Contemporary 3 combines the technique of classical training with the expansiveness of modern and jazz dance. This class moves through a through a warm-up of technique, floor exercises, strength training, across the floor choreography, and ultimately a final choreographic piece. Every class emphasizes the importance of axis, alignment, balance, and musicality.

Note: Ballet 2 is a requirement for enrollment in Contemporary 3

Ages 9–13

Contemporary 4

The Contemporary 4 class meets twice a week and is a fast-moving class for more advanced students. Like Contemporary 3 it combines the technique of classical training with the expansiveness of modern and jazz dance. It moves through a through a warm-up of technique, floor exercises, strength training, across the floor choreography, and ultimately a final choreographic piece. Every class emphasizes the importance of axis, alignment, balance, and musicality. Students in Contemporary 4 have opportunities for being part of the dance troupe which performs in the community periodically.

Note: Ballet 3 is a requirement for enrollment in Contemporary 4

Ages 14–adult

Hip Hop 1, 2

The Hip Hop 1 and 2 classes are high-energy classes that infuse the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. These classes encourage students to step outside of the box and bring their own unique style and personality to the movements.

Hip Hop 1: Ages 6–adult  |  Hip Hop 2: Ages 9–adult

Hula 1

Hula students participate in a culturally significant art form that embraces Hawaiian history, legend, and culture. This class teaches basic hula movements along with chants and a few games.

Ages 5–adult


Jazz class focuses on learning proper dance techniques such as isolations of the body, improving performance quality, and developing complex rhythms and patterns. This class introduces students to various styles of jazz such as Broadway, Street, and Contemporary. The curriculum is based on ballet technique, layered with traditional jazz movement, and includes a proper warm-up, stretches, isolations, across-the-floor progressions, and combinations.

Ages 6–11

Keiki Dance A, B

These are fun and energetic classes that use imagery, music, and shapes to get the young body moving. Students learn body coordination plus musicality, rhythmic awareness, improvisation, and simple dance steps in this class. Keiki Dance is an excellent introduction to the world of dance!

Keiki Dance A: Ages 2–3  |  Keiki Dance B: Ages 4–5

Performance and Choreography

Performance and Choreography is a fun and explorative dance class that uses improvisation games as a tool to create movement, enhance creativity, and prompt new ideas. Lessons in basic composition aid in the creation of one’s own dance in a relaxed and supportive environment. This class is excellent for students that wish to become better performers through the exploration of their own movements and choreography.

Ages 9–adult


This introductory tap class covers all the sounds and steps needed to build a fundamental tap dance vocabulary. This class teaches elements of rhythm, shape, and conditioning through across the floor exercises and phrasing. Students work with multiple styles of music, with a heavy emphasis on jazz, —a close relative of tap dance—to discover how many possibilities for choreography and music lie within the tap dance genre.

Ages 10–adult

Trapeze Dance 1, 2

The Trapeze Dance 1 and 2 classes teach students how to climb, invert, roll, and turn every which way on multiple trapeze apparatuses. Students learn how to move about on the trapeze with grace and ease while gaining strength and control. Students learn to use the bar and ropes to pose, invert, balance, and drop into thrilling positions with grace and ease while gaining strength and control.

Once students grow comfortable with solo work, they learn to work in teams.

Trapeze 1: Beginners focus on proper body position, muscle usage, basic positions, and fundamental balances.

Trapeze 2: Advanced students learn more difficult skills, choreography, and artistry.

Ages 9–adult