Kalena Zindric

Karen "Kalena" Zindric

  • Acro Tumble, Hoops & Stunts
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics

Kalena has loved dancing all her life. From Native American Indians doing their traditional hoop dance to Danny Thomas in “Dancing in the Rain,” she has studied it all. 

As a teenager, she was one of the first Big Islanders to win the State Talent Show with her group and fly to California for the District Competition. Indulging in Hula hoops, Polynesian dance, dabbling in jazz and immersing in street dancing now called hip-hop, she furthered her movement exploration in gymnastics, acrobatics, and various fitness regimes. She developed and taught various movement programs through the Parks and Recreation, Department of Education, YMCA, Gymnastics Club, Dance Academy, and even restructured the entire activities program for a nursing care facility. 

Teaching the youth and directing productions is one of her favorite endeavors. Kalena has staged productions in Hawai‘i, as well as the West Coast in an array of venues.