Kat Ruess

Kat Reuss

  • Aerial Silks & Acrobatics
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics

Kat Reuss started in theater, music, and dance as a young child. She taught children’s theater across the country for several years before moving to Hawai‘i. 

Kat has gained local recognition for her performances as Nellie Forbush in Kahilu Theatre’s production of South Pacific, Ariel in the Waimea Community Theater (WCT) production of The Little Mermaid, as well as the choreographer for Spamalot—also with WCT. 

She has been teaching and performing aerial silks for over five years on Hawai‘i Island. Kat also teaches acro yoga, silks, and circus arts in Kona at Cirque Hale, as well as here in Waimea.